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CPC International

In the spring of 1996, Aurora contracted with CPC International to standardize their desktop computers. This required hardware, drivers, network client and software updates. We upgraded approximately 80 computers in place and configured 50 new computers.

The Manager of Information Systems, Louis A. Gucciardo, had this to say about our involvement in the project:

"I have had the pleasure of working with Scott while I was employed with CPC International. I was thoroughly impressed with his professionalism, industry knowledge and his ability to adapt to our environment. This particular project was filled with stress and endless deadlines but through it all he worked closely and tirelessly with us so that we would achieve our goals. In my 10 years within this industry, I have worked with well over 100 consultants. My experience with Scott was one of the best. I would recommend him without reservation."

Knoll Pharmaceuticals

In the summer of 1996, Aurora contracted with Knoll Pharmaceuticals to provide additional technical resources for a Client/Server conversion project. The project involved a complete reconfiguration of more than 300 personal computers including the installation of MS DOS, MS Windows, Netware 4.10 and over two dozen standard corporate applications.

The Associate Director of Systems Development and Technology, John F. "Ric" Jones had this to say about our contribution to the effort:

"Scott's role in this project and his performance was a contributing factor to our success. His responsibilities ranged from hardware and software installations to trouble-shooting and resolving difficult and complex compatibility problems encountered with some non-standard products. Under all circumstances, Scott demonstrated exemplary work ethics, a dedication to quality, and the technical and analytical skills necessary to resolve any situation presented to them."



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