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Aurora Computers offers a variety of hardware and software solutions, networking assistance, service plans and support. Please feel free to contact us via our Contact Us form or telephone for more specific details and information.





Complete computer systems

Aurora offers a full range of inexpensive yet reliable complete IBM-compatible computer systems. From an economical desktop system to a powerful graphical workstation or a small business server to an enterprise network server, Aurora can provide systems that meet customer needs as well as their budget. For those customers who want name-brand computers, Aurora now resells Compaq desktop and laptop systems. All systems are configured and tested prior to being delivered. As an additional service, we can provide initial configuration and internal system information backups.

Network infrastructure

A business network is only as effective as its network infrastructure. Aurora Computers can analyze, recommend and furnish the most effective infrastructure for your organization. We can supply hubs, switches operating at 10 and/or 100 mbs, running on fiber or twisted pair copper wire, or token ring solutions.

Individual components

For customers looking to upgrade, enhance or revive existing IBM-compatible computer systems, Aurora can supply customers with a complete line of individual computer components. Components can range from simply adding memory to the more complex motherboard upgrades. Aurora's staff is capable of recommending and implementing any component upgrade or enhancement to meet a variety of customer needs.


Aurora offers a wide variety of IBM-compatible computer peripherals to fit constantly changing computer needs. Aurora can fulfill most any need ranging from high-capacity floppy drives and printers to scanners and digital cameras.


Operating systems

Every complete system includes the latest version of Microsoft Windows preloaded onto the hard drive. Upgrades are available to customers who own previous versions. Other operating system environments such as Windows NT are also available.


From small peer-to-peer to single server sites to multi-server installations, Aurora offers a full range of network operating system solutions. We can integrate multiple platforms into a single network and can provide electronic mail and communications software, access to the Internet and firewall protection.

Business applications

Business information solutions are incomplete with only hardware and operating systems. Customers need software applications to process and maintain their information. Aurora can fulfill most any need when it comes to business applications. We can recommend word processors, spreadsheets, computer-aided design packages, and a variety of industry-specific applications.


Network support

We provide support for a wide variety of network issues including hardware and software problem identification and resolution, performance evaluation and implementation, modifications, and administration training. Additional support services include printing problem identification and resolution, upgrading network hardware and software, establishing and implementing network procedures.

Network installations

Aurora can perform complete network installations as well as add to existing networks. Given a particular business environment, we can install the most effective network operating system and recommend the types of hardware, software and peripherals needed.

Preventive maintenance

Any complex system requires regularly scheduled maintenance in order to consistently operate at peak performance and to identify potential component failures before they actually occur. Our on-site preventive maintenance program includes removing harmful dust from inside the computer case and monitor, cleaning the floppy drive read/write heads, checking the keyboard for proper operation, and testing power sources for proper polarity and grounding.

Support contracts

Aurora offers several network support contract packages. Each package is designed to cater to individual customer needs by guaranteeing response times. Emergency service options can be incorporated into our support contracts and can be customized to meet their specific needs including extended hours of coverage.

Disaster recovery planning

How valuable is business information? How would a customer conduct business in the event of a key system failure or disaster such as fire or theft? Aurora Computers can help prepare for these unfortunate events. We assess the working environment for key systems which would be adversely impacted by system failure or loss. We provide a report recommending tasks to perform, procedures to implement or additional equipment to purchase to prepare for an unfortunate system failure or loss.

Needs analysis

Many complex business information systems are implemented without proper forethought. This lack of comprehensive planning can lead to undesirable results. A simple example would be purchasing the computer system before the software application only to find out that the software will not run on the system. A more complex situation would be the entire information system "works" but the response time is too slow to be productive. Most of these types of problems could be avoided if the proper preplanning, or needs analysis, had been done prior to any purchasing or installation.

Aurora has the training and experience which can help the customer save money and time in the long term by performing a needs analysis. Based on the needs analysis report, Aurora can provide a proposal for several options that would meet those needs.

Hardware service

All hardware service work is initiated at the customer site. Most problems will be resolved at the customer's location. However, for those occasions when the problem is difficult to recreate in the field or requires diagnostic equipment, Aurora will remove the problem equipment and take it to our office for further evaluation. Pick up and delivery is free of charge if within 25 miles of our office. Outside this radius, the transportation charge is based on the customer's location.

Preliminary consulting

Aurora offers a free preliminary consultation. During this meeting, Aurora will provide promotional material that informs the customer of who we are and what products and services we offer, listen to the customer's needs or requirements, and answer any questions. At the conclusion of this meeting, the customer may choose to retain Aurora to do a "needs analysis" followed by a written proposal to implement the chosen option, or simply provide a written proposal to implement the customer's request.

Warranty work

All warranty investigations are done "on-site." If the suspect component can be positively identified and the technician does not have a replacement part in hand, the part will be removed and the replacement part will be installed within a couple of days. If a positive determination cannot be made in the field, the system will be brought back to our office, repaired and delivered back to the customer at no additional charge.


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